Minnow CSS

The modern day tiny CSS framework.

Version 0.1.0

A small footprint

Minnow is designed as a utility framework with just the bare essentials. The minified file size of the core is extra small due to these principals.

Built with modern unit sizes

Grid columns, font sizes, padding, margins all use rem units as the standard. Pixel fallbacks are included by default but can easily be disabled.

Extendible with Sass (.scss)

Minnow is assembled with the beautifully powerful Sass (.scss) syntax. Minnow uses several mixins and variables to make extending on the core a breeze.

Tons of variables

A feature-packed SCSS variable file that can be used for making global changes at a rapid pace.

So what's missing?

In order to keep Minnow as tiny as possible lot of general "CSS Framework" features are not included. There are no Javascript/JQuery dependent modules. Variations for core modules are excluded but can easily be created by the extensive nature of the framework. There is plans to create extensive features in the future and include them as optional add-ons.